Conrad Johnson expert wanted!!!

I'm looking at getting a CJ tube amp and preamp. What's the difference between an MV50, 52, and 55? Will these amps match up well with a PV12a? What should I be expecting to pay for mint amps? The reason I have all of these questions is, although we have the World Champion NBA Spurs here in S. A., we don't have any high end audio that I know of, and CJ has yet to post thier archives area on thier web site. Any help appreciated.
Conrad Johnson and Sonic Frontiers are the two best tube amps for entry level. For the best tube amp on the world, go for Jadis. For, C.J, I am not sure whether MV50, or MV52 are still available. However I have heard MV55 a couple times, no matter it matched with Audio Research or Jadis Pre-amp, it sounds awesome. MV55 is driving with 8 EL34 which provided 45W per side. It is very musical and good enough to drive most of the small speakers. I beleive it is one of the best buy on the market. Please check review at Audioreview. Unfortunately, I don't have a used one in stock, I do sell it new for 2000US. My e-mail address is Please e-mail me if your have further questions.
First things first; do you want a tube amp AND a pre-amp? I love CJ equipment, but that may be overload on the "CJ sound". The MV55 is a great amp and the PV12 is special. If CJ is a must, try mating the MV55 w/the CJ PFR pre-amp. It's solid state class "A" at a real world price.
This one is easy. Don't buy the seperate pre/power from CJ, just buy their CAV50 integrated. The CAV 50 is essentially a MV55 and PV12 pre in the same chasis. Reviews in Stereophile say that the integrated amp sounds better than the seperate pre/power. It has a pre-out if you want to add a MV55 in the future and bi-amp your speakers. I am using the CAV50 with 86db speakers(not very efficient) and spl levels are great. This is a truly high end amp and beats the pants of the similarly priced Krell KAV300i which i owned for two years. Don't expect the lush boomy midrange that you get with many tube designs. The CJ is detailed and has many Transistor qualities. Soundstage depth and width is amazing. Go buy it on the net for 1500 - 1900. Carl
What is a good tube swap for a CJ PV10, original incarnation not PV10A,Especially the line stage tubes? What brand of tubes comes with the PV10 when it leaves the factory? IE, Anyone know what brand of tubes sounds best with this preamp? I am looking to buy one soon on the used market. Thanks, Bob D.
Am considering cj amp for Thiel 3.6 speakers. Maybe used premier 12s etc. Will this work and has it been heard. Where avialable?