Conrad Johnson CAV 45

I've had my CAV45 for about 6 months now and couldn't be happier. I listen exclusively to CD played on a Marantz 6006. The CAV 45 is pushing 2 KEF 104/2 with speakers all refurbished by KEF. I have never heard a wider sound field......granted my experience with hifi has not included super highend gear or the Magnaplane type speakers hear instruments coming from your sides, in the middle and smooth transitions across left to right. The detail also is superb. I also own a CJ Classic 2 paired with a Classic 60SE - Although the 60 has more girth in the lower end (KT120 tubes) the sweet mids of the CAV (EL34 tubes) are like candy to the ears. Also the Classic combo does not have the channel separation of the CAV......surprising since the CAV is about 1/2 the price of the Classic combo. I love both systems but if I could only have one it would be the CAV. I'll talk about my CJ2550 later! lol
Awesome glad to hear you are so happy with your new amp! I am an EL34 guy all way myself albeit with a different amp. If you haven't tried them I cannot recommend the Gold Lion KT-77 reissues high enough! They are the best EL34 variant I've heard in my amp, current production and not crazy expensive. Available for a variety of sellers I got mine from Upscale Audio. Happy listening!
How's your CAV-45 doing so far?  Is it quiet? Is it able to sufficiently drive your speakers even with complex music like orchestral or classical music? Would really appreciate your feedback.
Thank you in advance