Conrad Jodnson PREMIER 12

Would this unit driving my Dynaudio S5.4 well.
I'm having Sonic Frontier SFM-160 monos right now and give me very good sound specially for base.
I found Dynaudio is very hard to push the base out. So Just want to confirm.
The CJ's would likely work fine, but it would be a lateral move in my opinion.
I agree with Pdreher. When I had my 5.4's they worked their best with 300 Solid State watts per channel.

On the other hand, the person that bought those speakers from me, was using a relatively low-powered Audio Research tube amp, with good results. Don't recall which model.

Good luck,
Both amps are very good. I would keep the 160's. The 12's are just too dated sounding. If you had an issue with your high frequencies, that may be another matter.
Thanks for all your information. I just bought ARC VM220 mono and they are sound perfect with the S5.4... Lol
i have a lamm M1.1 with dynaudio C4 and i need more power, lamm are astonings but not power. Perhaps cj 350 ss or vtl 450 sign are better.
What about Bat vk 600?