Connecting to the music.


It seems that my path in HiFi country has changed. I used to have a pair of Merlin VSM which in my opinion sounded better than almost everything I heard by fellow audiophiles, in shops and at shows. The Merlins just had it all. Details, soundstage, you know, all the HiFi stuff. Just lacked a bit of bass. So I had a very good sounding system. But one day I heard some danish speakers called Evox EV-1 which are refined clones of an old Harbeth construction. In HiFi terms, they are not at all up there in higendcountry, but as I sat there listening I realized that they connected me to the music like noe other speaker I have heard. So I bought a pair, and I am really enjoying myself.
Just had to explain this to you to give you some background for my question. IC's. I have Cardas Golden Ref between pre-pow, and AU24 between CD-Pre. Really good cables both of them, but I find them to belong to my old system (Good sound). Now I am looking for some IC's that can play music, get me connected, and not necessarily be (HiFi) perfect. Hope you have some ideas that can help me along the way.

I have found that Audioquest has reasonably priced ICs. The other choice I have is Better Cables. I bought long runs of Kimber Heroes and although expensive they have worked well. By that I mean: no electrical interference, no coloration and durable. They are 3 meters. That said, the next time I need ICs, I will make them myself by buying the cable online and terminating them with good RCA ends like Bullets. I will save money and know what's in them. No "snake oil"! Good luck and happy hunting!

Correction: Evox EV-1 is a refined clone of Heybrook HB-1, not Harbeth as I said.

Freshpuma, I would suggest that you audtion either Acoustic Zen Silver reference II's or Matrix reference II's. They have the virtues that highenders like ,but for me they also have that natural/organic sense of real music that I find quite relaxing. Both are very reasonably priced but the Matrix wires give about 80% of the performance of the Silver wires at half the price. I did a reveiw of the new AZ Absolute cables recently here on the GON, so if you want more details concerning the above mentioned ICs you might want to take a look. As you know you have to try all wires in your own system to see they have both synergy with your system and match your personnal taste. So good luck, hope this helps with your audtioning process.
I just bought a pair of MMs.--used and broken in--I'm cheap and lazy. I agree on some material I think I could use more bass. These connect me to the music more than any speaker I've owned. AU24; my wire of choice.A 15k front end don't hurt,either-- along with another 10k in conditioning and cords.--These babys sing.My 3 previous speakers each had a higher retail price. I agree whatever connects you to the music is 'your' bottom line.Enjoy!!
Hi Avguygeorge.

I really find AU24 a very good an balanced wire, but to me it lacks some life. So I would like a bit more flesh and blood please.

What do you use besides the MM's?

If AU24 does not connect you to music, I doubt many will. AU24 is among the most coherent cable I have heard, not like most silver which has uneven peaks and valley in audible range.

Another cable to look into is Pure Note, just incredible like AU24.
Hi Semi.

I agree with you, AU24 is very coherent, just find it a bit lifeless.


Interesting on your comments regarding the Au24. I owned AudioQuest Anaconda and Volcano and the AU24 made it look like childsplay. Hmmm.. The AudioQuest did a have a larger artificial sound and dynamics to boot though.

Almost too much of a good thing in my system. It might be what you are looking for as I think system synergy is always a must. Give the AQ PSC+ a try.