Conditioners for power amps

Are there any conditioners that are beneficial to sound. I am using Aloia amps at 80 watts each. I have been told the Hydra's will help. One dealer uses Audio Tekne which raises the voltage to 126
Vansevers Unlimiter
Interesting! (re: the voltage gain). I didn't realize a conditioner could do this, however my new PLC (Tice Powerblock IIIC high-power version) actually DOES indicate a higher voltage (the meters say ~124 right now, whereas my older inferior PLC indicated 117-118 most times, with the odd increase to 120).

I am sure the Hydra is good. I have found a lowered noise floor and increased 'presence' to the sound with the recent addition of the Tice PLC. This is after I plugged my amp into it (their is a special high-current area for power amps that is a separate circuit). Previous to the Tice, I had not found improvement to the sound using power amps hooked into PLC's.
If you have a dedicated power line for your power amplifier, that the wall socket will be the best conditioner that will save you at least $1.2k instead of Hydra or Audio Tekne. Second tweak to avoid conditioner is a good power cord JPS for instance. If that doesn't help - look for Hydra. Nothing I can tell about Audio Tekne so far.
I use a PS Audio P1200 converted to 220V with my Krell 300S and prefer it to the dedicated only plug. The amp is more musical than without it I have found and more enjoyable.
Is a higher voltage superior to 120? If not, I don't understand the benefit of raising the voltage.
Even with a dedicated line, a Wattagate 381, & upgrade AC cords: I've still realized sonic benefits from line conditioning to my amps. In addition to the VansEvers & Shunyata, the Chang 9900 provides beneficial noise filtering without constraining dynamics. I also use the low-level Chang 3200 for my source components.
Raising AC line voltage would slightly (but insignificantly) increase maximum available power output from an amp, although dynamic drive capability could certainly improve. However, the step-up transformer will constrain the dynamics so that seems self-defeating?
Many of power conditioners, while clean up the AC, limit current to feed your amp thus make your amp sounds less dynamic. You have toget, at least, the power conditioner that doesn't limit the current. Blue Circle BC85.1 is a very good conditioner and it doesn't limit the current to the amp. Especially, not too expensive.
220V is better in the US I have learned due to the fact that it is balanced power. In Europe which uses this voltage doesn't benifit because they are still at 50Hz vs our 60Hz which induces less noise. Plus PS Audio advised me to step up the voltage to get the maximum benifit from the P1200.
A good 40Kva+ isolation transformer is the best solution. Plug all your gear into it and run a 50 amp dedicated circuit. You won't need any overpriced high end snake cables or magic boxes with this.
I recently installed a Blue Circle 85.1 into my system. I am running my Audio Research directly into it with excellent results and a lower noise floor. The BC 85.1 is plugged directly into a dedicated hospital grade outlet. Good luck...