Computer Audiophile Pocket Server -C.A.P.S. v2.0

I have a Bryston BDP-1 which I like a lot and can play without turning on any computer or connecting to the internet. Unfortunately it does not stream Pandora which I also like a lot. I will not be purchasing any Apple products so I would like to hear members' experience with Chris Connaker's Computer Audiophile Pocket Server -C.A.P.S. v2.0 as a quality sound streaming companion for the BDP-1. I am after two independent singular purpose machines that produce best possible sound, considering source limitations. Also interested in any other solutions similar to the C.A.P.S. Thank You
Funny you should ask this as Chris just came out with a review of the Aurneder S10 Music Server and fell in love with the sounds and looks of the unit as well as the interface. But there was one sentence, towards the end of his review, where he stated that his pocket server was the equal of the Aurender in terms of sound quality and bettered it in a few areas, despite that it had a more complicated user interface.

Its worth reading the review to get the to the point that the C.A.P.S. unit is one, nice sounding unit for a lot less than the Aurender.

If you aren't able to build one, here's a company that does, with Chris's blessing, down to the last bolt:

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Thank You for the review link - it was helpful. I would very much like to hear impressions from people who actuallly have the CAPS or have auditioned it but may not have the creator's investment.
I just build one with a large SS drive and have been ripping disks for the last three weeks. Computer Audiophile is a great website.
This server uses JRiver - I am not sure if its sold with this software built in already..

At any rate, the question: how to move or copy files of current playlist from external HHD where music library resides to internal SSD from which, if I understood correctly, its the best to use music files for sound quality? Is there any command in JRiver? I saw once option to play from memory (RAM I presume) but it did not make much difference.
I have a C.A.P.S. Carbon with a Paul Hynes power supply it is excellent.