Component Video Cables


I just purchased a Pioneer PRO-520 HDTV. I'll be connecting a Panasonic DVD player and a Mitsubishi decoder box to it. What component cables should I use with this equipment? My budget is $300 per set of three cables for a 2 meter run. I don't care if they come wrapped together as a "Component Bunch" or as seperates.

Please any comments or suggestion would be a great help.


My Harmonic Technology component cables are superb and can be had for under $150 through for a 6' set of three. They killed my Monster component cables.
I've been very pleased with the performance of the Silver Serpent component video set (three cables in a bundle) that I got from I'm using the cable between my Pioneer Elite DV-37 and a Sony WEGA XBR monitor. The set is $99 including shipping. For more info, got to their Web site:
i use tara rgb component cables (3 in a bunch) between my pioneer elite dv-37 and loewe aconda. i tried some less expensive models but, to me, the tara's are well worth their cost (right at your price point, as i recollect, but can be found discounted). -cfb
Canare work very well. Especialy the larger diameter ones don't have the number at the moment.
I'll second Better Cables. I had the Ultra. I sold it when I got a good deal on the AudioQuest YIQ4. The YIQ4 is a bit better--but not much, and certainly not worth the difference in cost. The Silver Serpent is better than the Ultra--I think it would be all you need and a bargain at that.