Comparison of Amphion Argon2 & Focal Chorus 807V

Can anyone give me some feedback on these two bookshelf speakers? Which gives best over-all imaging and bass response (within reason, of course...given that they are bookshelf speakers). Both have great reviews, but I have not heard either. Will power them with a Cayin A-88T.

I'll be using these mainly for ochestral - choral - jazz listening...thanks for any input you can give.
Oh,'s my take on these speakers....
I own a pair of the Argons, and recently auditioned the Focal Profile 908's (but not in my system).

Imo the two don't compare. The Argons are signicantly better in many ways. More dynamic range (the Focals sounded flat to me), punchier, much better imaging, more realistic sounding instruments and vocals.

Generally, I really like the Focal line-up. I listened to the Profile 918 (floorstanders) the same day and really liked them; those I'd put at about even with the Amphions - each had different strengths. But not enough to make me run out and replace the Argons, which I find to be a remarkable value, esthetically pleasing, well made, and excellent sounding across the very wide range of music I listen to.

I find it somewhat surprising the Amphion line doesn't get a lot more attention.
My main quest, as is the case with most who show up in this arena, is to get the best sound for the money, especially in a bookshelf speaker.

I actually have a brand new set of LSA 2 speakers on the way to me (just shipped from the factory), but I already know that they are not going to work for me in this particular setting. I actually bought these as a help to a friend of mine...we got a great deal on two pairs, so now I'm going to probably turn around and sell them when they get to me and pick up a great pair of bookshelf speakers...possibly the Argon2.

These will be used in my office, in a near-field set up...about 7 feet away from me, separated by a bookshelf that is 3 feet wide, facing my desk and basically up against or about 1 foot away from the wall (painted concrete block). I'll be running them with an integrated tube amp....possibly a Cayin tube amp (either 70T or 88T)...still browsing used models here and on E-bay.
Haven't heard the Amphion's, but I know they've got a great reputation. Keep in mind the poster's comments on the Focal Profile series. They are HUGELY different than the new Chorus V-series. I recently A/B'ed some Focal Profile 908's and the Focal Chorus 807V. They are a completely different speaker. I personally found the Chorus 807V a lot more detailed and engaging than the Profile 908's.
Just for example, I could identify certain instruments in the 807V's that I could NOT on the Profiles. Odd..considering the profile 908's list for about 1K more per pair than the 807V's.
The profile series seem to come alive with high powered amps and high resolution cables. The Chorus series works better with mid-priced electronics and lower powered integrated amps.
...yes, the Profile 908's aren't even on my radar...I've heard comments similar to yours from several folks who've A/B those...similar to what I hear about Gold and Silver series in the Monitor Audio line. The 807V's can be had for under 1K new, the Argon2's run about 1.5K new...just depends on what I can get for my LSA2s...keep those opinions coming...I appreciate the input...
Initial reaction is the Argon might be a lot of speaker for your setup. The Argons are not a small speaker.

Maybe consider the Helium? I'd suggest writing the guys at Amphion to get their opinion.

fwiw - I listened to a pair of Chorus floorstanders as well (can't recall exactly which model), and wasn't terribly impressed compared to the Profile 918/928, wouldn't put them in the same league as the Argons.
I have a set of Amphion Argon 2 speakers, as well a pair of Xenons. I have not heard the Chorus 807, but i did previously own a pair of JM Lab Mezzo Utopia speakers. The Mezzo's were three times the price of the Xenons and were more accurate sounding transducers than the Amphions, but the the Argons and the Xenons sound more alive and musical.
Stereophile gave the Focal 807V Class C rating with a $$$ - which meant they were surprised at the output/quality of the speaker itself.

I am looking at a apair of those for my secondary 2ch analogue system.