Compare intregrated amp ECI-3 VS.AR.

Could you give your idea to compare intregrated amp between ECI-3 and Audio refinement Complete,thanks.
I have owned an audi0o refinement complete. But recently sold it to buy an audiomat arpege tube integrated. The complete is ok but was completely outclassed in all respects for less money there is a passion audio integrated tube for $1100 that destroys the complete . I think there are some reviews at and a reviewers choice review of the audiomat at I know That sells both products. also has a four way review including the ECI-3. Do yourself a favor and get the audiomat. Chel
You know, I sure hope to hell a $1,900 amp is much better than a amp half it's price. The Audio Refinement is unmatched at it's price in my view, and I'm hoping should I ever want to better it, that by paying double I'll bump in quality in every way.
I'm curious where you guys think the Sim Audio I5080 compares to the AR Complete. These two units are in the same price range and I think the Sim is an honest challenger to the ARC.