Schitt Freya+ Preamp into Intregrated Amp (no preamp inputs) ????

About a month ago I was running a Denafrips Ares II > Classe AMP2 (Class D).

I ordered a Schitt Freya+ as an upgrade and was told the Freya+ would be ready in October.

Since then I found a good deal on a Kinki Studio EX-M1 Integrated Amp (no preamp inputs). I have been enjoying the Ex-M1 for about a week, assuming I had plenty of time to cancel the Freya+. Today I received notification that the Freya+ has been shipped.

Not sure if these parameters for the Ex-M1 are relevant:

S/N Ratio: >103dB
Output Power: 215W (8Ω), 400W (4Ω), Both channel driven
Damping Factor: 2000
Gain: Normal Gain 26 dB
Max Output Voltage: 55VAC
Input Sensitivity: 2.25Vrms - 3.6Vrms
Input Impedance: 50kΩ
Input Connector: RCA x 3, XLR x 1

Speakers I’m running now are the Tekton Electrons, 95 db efficiency.

I can return the Freya+ but if I can use it with the Ex-M1 I will probably keep it. Please advise.
OP, not exactly sure what is your specific question?  With an input impedance of 50K, You will be fine using the SE inputs and with 600 output impedance on the XLR side so you can go that route also.  You have 15 days to test and if you do not like, send back for a full refund.  Connect all your peripherals to the Freya Plus then select an input channel to feed the amp.  I am using one with some Ken Rad VT231 and Melz 1578 Tubes and the sound is wonderful.  
I don't know much about matching preamps and amps.  I thought the output of the Freya+ into the preamp stage of the Ex-M1 might be a bad match for reasons that I don't understand. 

I expect the question is "Do I have much to gain from using a tube p-reamp into an integrated amp?"

I would like to have the option to have that "tube" sound but I might be better off just buying a tube amplifier. 

I have a 14 watt tube amplifier at my Arizona home but I doubt that 14 watts is enough without getting some distortion.  I tend to listen quite loud on occasion.
Wasn't it Elizabeth who daisy-chained preamps?

If that 95dB figure is authentic (many manufacturers fib) your tube amp might do an excellent job.
Op, Using a Tube Preamp will be fine with any amp integrated or not as long as you do not have impedance conflict.  You may have some volume adjustments to work out for optimization regarding gain. For me, I find the signal from a DAC "too" clinical so I want the benefit of the Tubes prior to amplification. I can imagine some people would choose this approach when they have an integrated with a phono stage built in and do not want too much color added to the analog peripherals so they would hook those directly to the integrated while sending the digitial chain to the Tube Pre. Hope this makes sense.