Comments on Thiel CS2.2 speakers

I'm considering some Thiel CS 2.2 speakers. My current speakers are Vandersteen 2CI coupled with PS Audio HCA-2 and an older PS pre-amp. Front end is a Rotel CD player and Thorens turntable. Any thoughts from you experienced experts out there as to whether this is a viable, smart thing to do? Thanks in advance for any info. Your advice means a lot to this rural musicholic dummie!
Having owned both, I dont think I'd give up my 2Ci so quickly for the 2.2. More of a lateral move, and just different sound. The 2.2 will have more detail and resolution, but are also leaner and somewhat more Vivid in their presentation( some may read "bright"..but it depends on the associated equipment.) The 2.2's are best with darker sound SS and tubes amps IMO. If you like the 2ci's how about looking at the 2CE sigs? :)
It's really a parallel move to a different flavor. Have you not heard the 2.2s? They're very different from the 2CIs. The Vandersteens are warmer and more forgiving of moderate components upstream. The Thiels will provide more detail, possibly tighter sounding bass, but at the expense that they will be brighter with more emphasis on the highs than the Vandys, and they will expose more of the limitations of your associated gear.
If you've heard 'em and like em, then go ahead. If you're rolling the dice, I'd be leary unless you really want to go in that direction. Cheers,

Depends on your taste. I have never been able to "warm up" (pun intended) to Vandersteen. I started with Thiel CS2, then 2.2 and now CS2.3 and have always checked out the leading contenders before going back to Thiel. They do seem bright on some recordings but I find those CDs tend to sound bright on most fairly neutral transducers. Whenever I get the itch for something new, as I do now, I listen around and always give the Vandy's a chance. The latest iteration of the 2s sounds much better but still not my cup of tea. Too smooth and lacking in detail. However, Vandy owners most likely think the Thiels to bright. If you really like detail and precision, go Thiel. Soft and fuzzy, check out the 2Ci. Perhaps a different move is in order, give the Gallo Reference 3s a listen. So far, they are the best of the new bunch I have heard, but still feel mine (and the Thiel CS2.4) are much better.

Tim McTeague
Thanks guys for your responses. Think I'll just sit tight for the time being and maybe look for an updated pre-amp - maybe tubes to warm up the sound of the HCA-2. Most of you guys know how it goes. You haven't bought anything for a year or two and then start tinkering with ideas to make the sound "better" than it is. If $$$ were no object, I'd probably go berserk!
I have recently aquired apair of 2.2,s.Compared to my La scalas they seem as though there are blankets over them compaired to the KLipsch:however they do perform some magic with that huge soundstage and imaging.Also the low end at 32hz is amazing.I have come to appreciate them as apples compaired to oranges and I also own a pair of804 matrix,so how do ya like that,a bright klipsch lover enjoying B&Ws and thiel!Whats next tube lovers owning solid state gear as well,oh yea, thats me too.
Have own LaScallas.Have owned Thiel CS1,1.2,2,2.2,now 2.3s using MC206 McIntosh amp. Thiels need power.With your setup I think the Vandys would sound better