Comments on Fanfare FM-2G - FM Antenna

Any comments on the Fanfare FM-2G - vertical FM Antenna? Does it work okay in the house? Where do you have the antenna located and how sensitive is it to location? Does moving it around the room help? Thanks...
Hello, I have used one for about a year now in place of a Magnum Dynalab SR100. The SR100 is pretty good for what it is, but the Fanfare improved the quantity and quality in all regards. Better sensitivity, less noise, better, fuller sound. I am using it inside, but I have not played with different location so much because of it's basically omni design. It makes my tuners sound really good (if the signal is). I actually mounted it on a telescoping mike stand and have kind of hidden it behind my rack. All that shows is the narrow "whip". Great investment for where I live.
I am using the antenna as well, but I never really compared it with anything, I started with it; I would be curious to compare it to some cheaper alternatives. I asked the guy that installed my dish, I have known him for years, and he had a Winegard antenna with him that he would of sold for $25, but it was universal.
I'm only familiar with the MD version, which 'looks' identical. Compared to a $1.98 RS dipole, the dipole won IN MY LOCATION AND SITUATION. It's my understanding that, dispite any manufacturer's BS, a directional at elevation is needed for any significant improvement. Zero gain is zero gain after all...
I have the Magnum-Dynalab on one of my tuners and it is nothing special. Moving around doesn't really improve reception all that much, but, I haven't tried the attic or outside. Presently it's located behind a Mitsubishi 40" TV where cosmetics are an issue. The indoor antenna from is superior and costs under $30. YMMV.
I hooked up my new Fanfare FM-2G antenna to my Fanfare FT-1A tuner (of course) and it sounds pretty good (more testing is required, I get static on some stations, very clear on others). I purchased a large heavy duty "L bracket" and then bolted the Fanfare smaller L bracket to the larger bracket. This allows the antenna to stand up behind my system and also allow me to move it around, as needed. My wife will not be happy but time will tell. It looks okay to me. Thanks again for the above comments. Thanks.
I have Fanfare and a directional which is wired with Radio Shack RG-6QS, I believe. This is R-S's premium antennae wire and in A/B vs. Fanfare, the R-S wire was better than the wire Fanfare uses.
You might consider rewiring the Fanfare.
Can't comment on the Magnum Dynalab ST-2.