Combining a sub-woofer with Bookshelf Speakers

So my speakers are small Cabasse Galiote bookshelf model. Great sound, but little bass. I've been working to combine a REL (Q201E) sub-woofer with them.

The Galiotes technically reproduce 70-20KHZ, but the frequency response curves, as far as I've been able to find them ( the speakers are 30+ years old) suggest there's little below about 100HZ. So I set the roll-off at max (106HZ, I believe) and reduced the Hi-Gain to a very low level (to avoid 'boom').

I'm listening, and it sounds good to me. But does anyone else have experience trying to do this type of thing?

Let me know any thoughts.
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follow the instructions in the rel manual to the letter

they work...

my educated guess is that your crossover freq is too high - there is a slope to the cutoff filter...
Yea, turn the OX point all the way down, 30-60. Set the gain to 12
Listen... Continue to raise the XO until you get the boom, then, lower it. until it goes away.

It’s a little to high, just like jjss49 said. Now to get a tad more punch, you could increase the gain, and you won’t get the boom...

Placement, to far from the mains with one Sub can be a little tricky. I would try center, forward (10-20") on the sub first. I push it back (away from the seated position) until the timing if off (muddy) then pull it towards your set until it blends MB to BASS. About an inch at a time. The low mids should be very clear. Phase shouldn’t be an issue with one bass unit, if you don’t get to far from the mains... A big room and a bookshelf can have issues to.. They can disappear to good sometimes..Best used in smaller rooms, and closer to the seated position..

Have fun..


Bass can be localized above 80 Hz. Cross over there, turn the sub volume to zero, set the system to play bass centric music at a listening level, then turn up the sub slowly until you hear it. Then turn down the sub slightly until it disappears. 

      Do what tgrisham and the others suggested and use 2 subs instead of just 1.  The bass from 2 subs will sound about twice as good as the bass from a single sub and the subs will integrate more seamlessly with your bookshelf speakers.  Also use the 'crawl method' to locate each sub, first sub#1 and then sub#2.