Collecting software and other goodies?

Recently, I have noticed that much of the software that I have purchased just in the last five yrs. Such as CD{gold},SACD and LP have gone up considerably in value.I do not purchase with the idea of making an investment. But we can't deny that pricing has gone up. So to many fellow Audiogoners what would you be looking at now? That in the next say five yrs you will look back and say wow am I glad I bought?
Normal CDs are nearly worthless at this point. Only small label, independent groups with a following and out of print albums have a high price.
Then the MFSL and DCC are way up.
Selling stuff is the hard part. Saying it is worth a lot.. Well only if someone pays that much!
I agree the value is in the music and not that it is a collectable!
For myself i am glad i already own some of the items that have skyrocketed in price!
Any item is worth whatever you can get someone to pay for it(at least to the person buying it).I'm into listening not collecting so I won't pay (what I consider) outrageous prices for LPs or discs.I don't know if my statement is what you're looking for,it's just my thoughts on the subject.
Limited edition items can appreciate in value significantly when they go out of print. The problem is they can drop in value even faster when a better sounding remastered or expanded version comes out.

Investing in collectibles of any kind is tricky. You can make a lot of money or wind up with a bunch of stuff that nobody wants.

If you enjoy owning premium versions of albums then buy them for that reason and if you make some money off them down the road, all the better.
Agree buying for the music is the only thing to do. Also agree tricky for small groups with OOP stuff. the minute it is reissued the price drops like a stone.
For certain stuff, mainly the MFSL LPs. those early ones may be the best investment. Also early Blue Note Jazz.
I buy mostly $2 Cds.. so i am not in it for an investment. (except a musical education one.. LOL!)
Yep, soon it will be time to sell some of the software to buy better equipment. But not yet.