coincident vs. audio physic

Looking to upgrade to a more open, detailed sound from the vandersteens 2ce I have now, Anyone compare the Coincident partial eclipse with the Audio Physic tempo III? Any other speakers recommended with this effeciency and sound?
I'd add the Silverline Sonatinas to your list--very open, transparent, and tube friendly. You might also try the Soliloquy 6.2. Haven't heard the Partial Eclipse or Tempo III but have been very impressed with other models in the Coincident and AP lines. Best of luck.

Tempo III - No! Despite the new tweeter, sound is not open but rather closed in. In fact tweeter may be at fault. Also considerably harder to drive than Coincident or Silverline speakers. Specs don't tell the real story.

Coincident - can't really comment on specific model, but other Coincident speakers I have heard are very coherent tonally and soundstage well - after a long break-in, I'm told.

Sonatinas - should definitely be considered. Once again, coherent tonally and fast, yet smooth sound. Efficient and easy to drive as well.

If you are looking for an "open detailed sound" stay away from the AP Tempo III. Furthermore, having heard the Vandy 2ces and the AP Tempo III I would say that the Vandy, while similar in opacity, is a bit better.

I have not heard the Coincident Partial Eclipse but I have heard other models in their lineup. The characteristic sound is lively, detailed and more upfront than the Vandy. Also, some of their models are quite efficient and can be run with SETs if you should decide to go in that direction.

Another possiblity is, as the above posts suggest, the Silverline Sonatina.
Go with the Coincident. Very open and detailed with great impactful bass. I own a pair and I can't think of a better speaker at the price.
I have the Audio Physic III and am very happy. Very open
and detailed. Your situation will depend on your
aplification - I have a tube amp with a 4 ohm tap.

The Sonatinas are also extremely good. Probably a bit easier
to drive.