Coda 7X

Anybody seen the specs for the new Coda 7X pre?
I just received them if any one wants a boo!
Sure I'd like to see them. It is supposed to have a separate power supply eventually.
Sorry for the delay. I work in remote forests. Can you send your email and I'll send you an attachment
Are you sure you don't mean the new Coda 07r Preamp which has not been released yet? There is no "7X" mentioned on their site...
The 7r is available in three versions. The single chassis selling for $6500.00. The twin chassis version with a separate power supply selling for $11K, and the two chassis
version with a separate power supply in a very large two story single chassis for the European market only.
Audozen just for the record the variations of the new 7X are are a 7E 4500.00 and a 7XE 12,500.00.
The 7XE is an integrated 7E and 7X.
Both the 7E and 7XE will be available by year end.
Either integrated or separate with the new 7E they replicate a DC signal without the use of batteries.
I have been using the 7X in one of our listening rooms for the past five months.
Its a phenomenal Pre and it bids the question how much better can it get with the 7E?
Tobb..The new Pre on the CODA site that is "coming soon" is the 7R which is the model listed. When I spoke to Doug last November he mentioned that the 7R will be two versions for the U.S. market, the option with or without a separate power supply and the Euro version. I recently saw an ad in France of the new 7R and it is very unattractive with large bulky face plate end caps which strays away from the classic Coda design. I hope that design is for the Euro market only. During the past year CODA has done away with their velvet gray finish with silver chrome end caps on their separates which is unfortunate. Their gray/chrome separates are the best looking designs they have ever done in twenty years.