Coda 8 amp

My 25 year old Audio Research VT130SE amp is going in for repairs. I’ve already replaced the tubes in the last year and had to replace some defective ones a second time (all came from Audio Research). I’m thinking about replacing it with a new solid state amp. so I don’t have to deal with such things. I’m considering the Coda 8, which I’ve never seen but comes highly recommended. It’s a fairly new model and I haven’t found lots of information. There’s one very positive review online, the company has been very responsive and helpful  in providing information and a dealer who I trust recommended it. My other equipment includes Audio Research LS22 preamp, PH 3 phono stage and KEF Reference 5 speakers. I would like to keep these things so I’m hoping a new solid state amp would go well with my other equipment.  I’d welcome any input, including experience from any Coda owners. Thanks. 
Coda make good amp with reasonable price, if your speaker not power hungry, you can order one with higher class A bias. I use a CSiB integrated to drive Thiel CS2.4 and very happy with the result.
Hi fast,

Take a look at the thread on the NO.8 and if you are interested in reading my review on it, take a look at that for the details regarding its superlative performance.
I have a Coda No. 40 amplifier with the newest low noise input transistors which the No. 8 has.  The No. 40 is a similar design to the No.8 but has more output transistors, and a larger power supply.  I am sure Doug Dale at Coda can give you the specific details.  I have had many excellent solid state and tube amps over the years.  Most recently the ARC REF 150, the Pass Labs 100.5, Rowland 625, and the Krell 402e.  In my experience, the No. 40 is an excellent amp with a neutral tonal balance, excellent control of my Martin Logan CLX speakers, superior transparency as well as excellent imaging.  Depending on the need for power/current or voltage,  For loudspeakers less demanding than the CLX, the No. 8 would be an excellent choice at a lower price than the No.40.  Good luck with your choice.
I might add, that the No.40 and I presume the No.8 will clearly let you know what is happening upstream with components, power cords, interconnects, etc. You will also hear the effects of the speaker cable/loudspeaker interaction clearly.  
I highly recommend Coda and I too am looking at the NO 8 as a possible amp contender - waffling between Pass Labs and Coda, both of which have great reviews.

My brother-in-law has had Plinius, Bedini, lots of vintage gear, tubes and prefers his Coda.  The Coda is a company that flies under the radar of most and I am glad @teajay reviewed the No 8.  US Based quality companies deserve the press.