Cocktail Audio N15 - A Contender?

I have been searching for an all-in-one streamer-DAC under $1000 that will offer good sonics, gapless FLAC playback of at least 24/192, wireless streaming via my home network, DLNA compliance, and digital output for future DAC upgrades.  It must have a good control app available for Android devices.  

Given my long list of requirements, I have only found one product that offers all of these features (although I cannot judge the sonics without hearing it, of course).  The Cocktail Audio N15 seems to do it all.  It even has a bay for a HDD, potentially eliminating the need for my separate server.

Has anyone tried/heard this unit or its app, "NOVATRON Music X" ?  Reviews on line are few and not comprehensive.  Thanks!  
I am trying it now (the newer N15D version). So far I have not been able to get Spotify Connect to work, but Roon does work through the Roon Ready function.

I do not have the Wi-Fi dongle so I can’t try the Wi-Fi connection. I have not tried the built in hard disk function, my music is stored on my iMac.

Audirvana Plus on my iMac to the N15D through USB sounds very good on it.

I wish it had a display showing the volume level to keep from accidently damaging my hearing or the speakers. The volume knob/faceplate does not have a min/max volume indicator. The volume knob is a little wobbly so it does not have a premium feel.

Sound quality is very good. Not as good as my PS Audio DSJ DAC but the DSJ cost four times as much.

If I succeed in getting Spotify Connect to work I will try to update this post.

I’m using firmware version 1.0.0.r1203 dated April 2018.

An alternative product to the N15D would be the Auralic Altair and Lumin D2, but the D2 does not have a volume control.

Here’s a good review on the N15D from Hans Beekhuyzen:

@rowbuzz - Thanks!  Please keep us posted.
@rowbuzz, bondmanp    good timing for me  on this post.   I'm working on what I want to use in order to upgrade system a bit.   Always just used   my Mac Book is  the storage and running via usb to my Burson DA160   (no volume control---but if I recall the early units were not highest highest bit rate or something to that effect .
     I don't want to store music on my older Mac anymore as lost a lot  a few months back when Mac crashed.  Its recoverable as a lot was burned from CD's (ALAC) and a lot of music from BandCAmp so able to download as many times as I want being I paid already.  I imagine  most sites work that way?   The wobbly volume control is a negative.   Could it be a manufacturing defect?    While the price of these is not terribly high I would think quality of parts could be higher considering 900 is not cheap.   ,   
I don't need volume control so will check out Lumin D2 and any more info would be appreciated.   So heres what I need and any ideas on other units would help.    onboard storage,  internet radio ,  no volume control and don't really need a DAC-  My sense is and outboard DAC is going to be better than the DAC in a unit at this price point.   Hard to find as most all seem to combine DAC, volume control, preamp, , etc.  

@skiroe - This is a little OT (the post really focuses on streamers, not servers), but I would look at either the Melco server (you will need to add a streamer), ~$2000, or Bluesound Vault II (everything you need in one box), ~$1200.
not sure how off topic?  Im looking for a combo unit that streams as well ,, A DAC is not needed really and as long as there is digital out then don't have to use or compare the on board DAC with the Metrium or other.    My sense of the  industry is to get more business by selling all in 1 units so as to increase potential for sales esp for those who don't want to "bother" with separates.   Its most often about introducing "advances" in components to maximize sales .   Thats my take anyway.   
@bondmanp     thanks,   don't think I checked the Melco out yet..   Was considering the Vault2 as well,  will have to recheck as forgot why I dropped it from my list..   multitasking here.   
Update on my earlier post: I was never able to get Spotify Connect to work on the N15D so I returned it for a refund from Hi-Fi Heaven. They were very helpful and they helped troubleshoot it. I recommend them as an audio dealer. I tried to get it to work with a Netgear R6400 router. You might have different results with a different model router.