Classic Records vs. Analogue Productions

I listen a lot of classic and jazz.

Because of limited avaliability I pass original releases of RCA Living Sound or Blue Note releases.

I found that for many titles there are at least few offerings from Classic records: 180g 33/3, 200g 33/3, 180g 45 single side, 200g 45 single side, and a variations with Clarity vinyl.

The Classic Records is gone so maybe not good time to elaborate how anoying was releasing another edition of the same title on never format that not necessery was better all the time.

I found that many titles released before by Classic Records is now reissued by Analogue Productions - many of them on 2x 45 RPM format.

So the question is - what is an ultimate reissue soundwise?

Classic Regirds single side 45 (clarity) vs. later Analogue Productions 2 x 45 RPM pressed at QRP.

The titles I am interested:

Brubeck Time Out
Adderlay somethin Else
Rimsky Korsakov Scheherazade
Saint Seans Symphony no 3 Organ
All Reiner at RCA.