Classe SSP 60 vs. Krell HTS 7.1

Can someone give me a pros/con on these 2 pre-amp processors?

I listen to music 70% of the time and movies(TV) 30% - i have a krell hts amp and gradient speakers. I believe i can get both processor at about the same price -

can someone help me decide which one i should buy
i'm considering these also. what did you decide?
The Classe 60 is good. The Krell 7.1(sold both) stomps it in terms of ultimate transparency and dynamics! Also, the Krell is extremely low in noise level (sig to noise), and just plain the best sounding digital AV pre-pro made IMO!..and I've sold both lines yes.
I'd stick with the Krell if you can. The 60 will sound very high end, and have a warmer character slightly, and be better than most. But it won't upstage the Krell in this case. And that's the straight truth indeed.