Classe Processor and Amp

I set up classe processor ssp 300 and a 3 channel amp. When I play blue ray video via Oppo the volume seems very low. The processor levels from 0-98 in volume. I turn up to 50 and still don't hear the sound I then turn up to 70 level and start hearing the sound. And it will get louder if I turn volume up. 

Just wonder any classe owners experienced the same thing or did I do something wrong?

I believe you can adjust the overall volume in the main menu setup of the Classe? I think you have to set it to 0db. I have the 800 and am just going off of memory. Is the volume on the Oppo set to 100?
the volume on OPPO is 100 and not sure what else i have to check.
This is a wild question, but is your center channel turned on in the Classe processor?  Are you actually getting some sound out of the center speaker?  I have accidentally had my center channel amp turned off and the sound was similar to what you experienced.  Most of the dialogue/content is put out on the center channel.  If you only have left/right, you may hear some, but it will be VERY quiet.
How did you calibrate the system? 

A good setup is to use AudioTools for SPL and a Dayton imm6 microphone ($25)
Sorry. Let's back up. :)

How are you connecting your Oppo to your Processor? HDMI? SPDIF? multiple analog cables?



@erik_squires:I calibrated it by using the microphone it comes with the Processor.

I connected the oppo to pro. via coaxial RCA.

I have found that the Oppo sound much better with XLR cables. Are you using a video coaxial cable or a true RCA stereo cable?

The Oppo's XLR outputs are driven by an entirely different and more expensive output stage by the way, it's not just about the cables in this case. :)


I don't think my Oppo 103 has xlr digital out. 
I have a SSP800 and had similar problem.. When setting the balance between R & L speakers using an SPL meter , they say to set the meter to C weighting, slow response, and 75db range.. Unfortunately the meter app I downloaded on my smart phone can't be set at 75db.. 70 or 80 is the settings I can use... First I did the 70db and found the volume was low like how you described (but not as dramatic).. Next I used the 80db and that solved the problem.. Another thing that came to mind is - can your SP300 handle the HD codecs ? Try setting the Oppo to output regular Dolby/DTS ..  Also I read somewhere that setting the bluray player isn't a good thing to do because the higher you set it, the bit rate drops... I have my Oppo volume set low and have no problem with the volume coming out..
setting the bluray player to 100  
I have the older version clase sp 25 connected to a Bryston 3B and am getting the same problem, am not using the central channel because is only stereo, can I hook another three channel power to the processor? Hope that way I don't have the same problem