Classe preamps - CP-700 vs Classe CP-800?

Hi, I'm choosing between Classe CP-700 and the new CP-800 for Classe CA-M 600 and B&W 800 Diamond system. Frankly I don't care much for all this media player stuff so my main concern is traditional old school audio from CD/SACD player through XLR ICs. Is the new 800 preamp better than the good ole 700? I think I can buy a used 700 for the same price as the new 800 only 700 was made in Canada while 800 is China made. And I'm afraid that as a tradiation preamp through XLR CP-800 would be much inferior.
I have not heard the 800 as some others on the forums (reporting extremely good results) have but I can tell you that I owned the 2-box CP-700 for a 2+ years and found it amazing. I had to move a long way up the scale to find sonics that won over the 700. It's a hell of a pre-amp for the money. When I was looking at it to match my SSP-600 HT surr-proc, I was debating taking the plunge and going for a new or used Classe Omega MkIII (or IV I think) and many people told me that while the Omega was a great pre-amp, that the 700 was such that its design had benefited from the lessons learned on the Omega line and that I should go for the CP-700...what's your budget?
Starting with the CP-800 production moves to the Middle Kingdom, somewhere near the Oppo factories.
This guy direct compared them, and preferred the CP-700:
I currently have the CP 700 and did compare it to the new (er) CP 800 when it came out. I agree with Zepher - the CP 700 is amuch better sounding my opinion.
I was in a similar situation until today, I needed something more than the PR-SC5509 to do justice to the MoFi and other stereo SACDs that my A1UDCI processes on a fully balanced stereo pathway. I needed a solid state fully balanced preamp with biamped XLRs out. I already have Cardas Y splitters, and I will put a 12v trigger to avoid accidental overcurrent into my precious Sherbourn 5/1500A.

Here is where the letdown stands with the CP-800, this from a guy who take his first step into analog:

1. If I want analog with minimal conversions do I want a unit that carries a gazillion DACs? Nein, i'd just trade the PR-SC5509 for an SSP-800 or A1HDCI, losing the great HQV Vida processing for my Escient 1200 DVD collection.

2. Do I want an onboard PSU to create more interference?

3. Do I need a component $3000 less MSRP because it is made in a "Special Economic Zone" by unmotivated workers w/o benefits who just get kicked back into their native villages at age 40 in the Middle Kingdom?

Today I voted with my wallet and got the CP-700 here on Audiogon, after I read a lot, and auditioned a banged up CP-800 locally that still sounded great with monoblocks and Focals.

I can't wait to see what will happen with my Signature 8s v.2 biamped:)
Correction, i will not use XLR Y splitters, but rather single XLRs out of the processor with a line level bypass on the CP-700 and biamped XLRs out of it, much safer option!
So I finally got my paws on a CP-700, integrated it with SSP Bypass biamping the fronts. Simply put, separate stereo XLR interconns from the PR-SC5509 (disabled the biwiring touted as "biamping" by Onkyo) and DVD-A1UDCI player, which, like the CP-700 is also fully balanced for stereo. The CP-700 is fully diferentially balanced from ground up, even the external PSU consists of two transformers.

Needless to say i got heavily into auditioning my favorite Universal Japan and MoFi stereo discs. The Classe really opened them up, I mean big time. Wait, I did not hear that before, esp with T Rex Electric Warrior and Pixies Doolittle, discs which I acquired recently and auditioned end-to-end several times, so they are fresh in my mind. Particularly striking were the nuances and humongously wide sound stage in Electric Warrior's track #7 "Planet Queen", the one after their most famous song.
After that all the classic jazz and blues, vocals fascinating. I have literally become a prisoner of my basement.

The big surprise came as my kids started bugging me again to put on "Monsters vs. Aliens" a perennial that gets played monthly in my theater. The CP-700 does stereo biamp duty in line-level mode here. Right from the beginning the localization on front sound effects became strikingly accurate. The gooey blue monster sticking out a trunk limb repetitively in 5-6 directions spreading out from center screen now created sound effects that were almost pinpointed into the ether, name it audio 3D if you will. We never heard this before.

And as professional reviewers have stated about the CP-700, I also believe it is very natural and accurate, no bloating anywhere.