Classe CAP 150 vs CAP 151

I have heard and read that the CAP 151 does not sound quite as good as the earlier Classe integrated amps CAP 100 and 150? Could this have something to do with the newer models remote source switching and digital display causing a slight degredation in sound? Any thoughts and comments? Also, has anyone compared the Classe to the Plinius or Sim I5 integrated amps?
Well....this is really not an answer to your question..but
it is going in the right direction. The original CAP-100
and CAP-150 were said to be the same...except for output
transistors. The CAP-80 was rated at 100 the
CAP-100, but had a digital volume control, where the CAP-100
and CAP-150 have a remote operated via motor-drive Vishay
volume control. From what I have heard the CAP-150 and
CAP-151 are the same except for the faceplate..and (and I'm
not sure on this one) the CAP-151 may have a volume control
like the CAP-80. Some think that the CAP-80 is the sweetest
sounding of the bunch..some the CAP-100...but the CAP-150
and CAP-151 seem to have higher owner ratings on
AudioReview? Hope this helps.
Thanks for the resonse. I believe you are correct. One difference between the CAP 150 and 151 is the 150 has a balance control and the 151 does not. There might be other differences and maybe someone else can comment? I would like to hear from someone who has compared the Classe with the Plinius or the Sim integrated amps?