Classe CA-200

I have seen two different looking CA-200 amps.
One has heatsinks down the entire length of each side, and the other has two heatsinks on the back of the unit with the outputs between them.

The front looks identical on each of these models, with two large aluminum handles and a round aluminum power button in the center.

What are the differences between these amps, and why do they look so different if they have the same model name?

here is what i'm talking about:
(this pic is actually ca-300, but my ca-200 looks exactly like it, just a little shorter).
I used to own a CA200 with the heatsinks running along the sides. That was the latest configuration before they went with the newer look without the handles on the front. I really liked that amp.
The side-heatsinks is the later model. Basically the side-heatsinked versions are the same as the *01 versions (201, et al) in the older case. a good bargain, and a nice amp overall. I have a CA200 and it has served well. Has a propensity to pop its fuses on big input transients (e.g. make sure you turn it on last and off first) from other gear switching sometimes, and if the speaker wires cross or even look like they will, it will tend to blow a fuse on that too. Which is a PITA since you have to pull the top cover to replace them, plus they take an odd shape/size, ... but other than that, great amp.

My understanding from Robert at Classe is aesthetics only - same guts. I have one with heatsinks on the back and have had it for about 7 years. Very musical amp. I think they updated the specs on the ca 200 to be like the 300 and 400 which always had heatsinks on the side. Some people claim it's better, who knows, myd dealer claims he never heard a difference.