CJ SA250 or Rotel RB990BX?

I am looking for a secondary amp, already have a CJ PV10A and a MF2100 with B&W 965's. I picked up a pair of Paradigm v7's and need some opinions on which of these two amps would maximize my $$ and my music. I listen to a lot of "challenging music", avant garde elctronic and art/music pieces, so I need a quality unit to push the sound. Opinions, options, ideas are welcome and appreciated.
I have a rotel RB990BX that I use with Magnepan MG-III's with good success. Rotel power seems typically robust in the lower frequencies--it makes drums sound great! The 200w seems to be plenty of power as the MG-III's like lots of power. At $400 the rotel is a good value. Good non-fatiging power, excellent bass performance. Can be bested in other areas.

I also have a Anthem MCA 2, which is also 200w. The anthem has more detailed highs and better imaging, but also sounds all up top compared to the rotel. Altimately I listen to the Anthem the most, as I value the detail and imaging with the music I listen to. The anthem is also about $400 used.

My advise...buy one of each like I did. Make a decision and sell one, or keep them both.
I had Rotel 980BX which died on me. I replaced it with CJ SA250 and the difference was night and day. The SA250 is much more musical, sweeter, but with more resolution at the same time. I know the 990 is in a league above the 980... so this comparison may not paint the full picture. But there is a signature to Rotel and CJ sound. A lot will depend on your other components, but I think the Paradigms will be sweeter with the SA250.
They're both good amps. I'd actually lean to Arni's side on this one, since the SA250 is a bit sweeter in the highs. Then again, the SA250 doesn't have anywhere near the overall grip that the 990 does. If you can, Kurtisk had a great suggestion--buy both and see which one you like more. You can almost certainly sell the one you don't keep for what you'd buy it for...