Choice for wilson Watt/puppy 5.1 internal wiring

I bought Wilson watt puppies 5.1 for a good used price.
Unit looks pretty good. And sounds excellent. Slightly on brighter side in the sound quality to my ears.
Thinking to change internal wiring which might make it softer. I have no clue what to use and also wondering if it really helps. Would appreciate your input. Thanks.
Before you go changing things internally.Try moving them around and look at room acoustics. They might not be as bright as they seem once that's taking care of luck.
That's a really bad idea. I'm sure you don't want to hear this but I'll say it anyway. Assuming the speakers are set up and broken in properly, you made a mistake. You can try to buy components that will act as an EQ to "fix" your problem. The only problem with that is it almost never works. No offence to future posters, but playing with the room won't fix it either. In my opinion, you will save a lot of time and money if you get rid of the problem (The speakers), and just buy ones that you like. If you don't, theres a good chance that you will end up with a whole equipment rack full of mistakes.
You do have to be careful with the Wilsons...proper set up is crucial. Do you have any room treatments? They maybe revealing a bright room vs a bright speaker?

Also careful system matching/cabling etc...what is the rest of your set up?

The 5.1's are still great speakers...Call a Wilson maybe able to upgrade the tweeters to the wp 6, 7 or 8 version...but I'd only spend the money hear after the room and other ancillary's we're ok...
All you're doing is hearing the Wilson speaker.

Wilson speakers ARE bright. It's a dirty little secret no one likes to talk about.

Zd is completely and 100% right. If you want to get rid of the problem, get rid of the problem -- and that'd be the speakers.
Telling us a little bit about the rest of your system would help. What amp are you using, what cable, your source, etc?

Spend some time getting use to your new speaker. Pay careful attention to toe-in and vertical tilt angle. If all else fails you should go ahead an experiment with the internal wire.
There is a youtube video of how to change the internal wiring of a Wilson W/P. But of course, proceed with caution. I agree with the other contributors here. The WP requires exacting set up to sound the best so first make sure you have followed the instructions. Second, try a softer sounding cable from the source to pre like Stealth PGS or Cardas golden cross. This will tame the top end and provide a more full bodied sound without ripping up the speakers.
My local Wilson dealer sold a lot of Transparent cables with the network, specifically to calm down the Focal tweeter Wilson uses.
List the rest of your system, and you'll get advice from Wilson owners on this site...
The curse of a mod forthis type of speaker is too high for the slight change in sound from an internal wire change. Perhaps a 5% change. Try a tube amp or preamp known to tame the hot top end. Mods will kill resale value unless factory done. Jallen

Older Wilson speakers are my ears the current line-up isn't bright.
M_snow - you should have said: older Wilson models were bright. And yes, 5.1 is one of them. Which doesn't mean, they cannot be made to sound good. Very careful system matching is necessery though.
Agree with Elberoth2.