Chinese Speaker Prices

I have a friend you is going to China next week and I wanted to know if Usher speakers would be much cheaper direct from China? If so, I will get him to make the purchase and ship them to me. Also, are there any suggestions for other Chinese equipment that I should pick up while he is over there? Thanks.
Ship them to you???

Ship speakers from China!!! The last equipment I shipped to Japan cost the guy almost $300 for shipping an old Mcintosh preamp! You might save money, but the shipping could negate any savings you get.
depending on what model you are interested in, you may save a few bucks but not get any type of warranty. Speakers sold in the US come with a full 3 year warranty.

Usher is made in Taiwan, not China. American Hi-Fi gears are priced double in Asia, maybe a little bit more.
I believe Usher speakers are made in Taiwan. Aurum Cantus speakers are made in China, very nice G2 ribbon tweeters, some say one of the best tweeters around. There are a lot of equipment brands, you might check out to get an idea of what you like. Cheers.
After you ship, be ready to pay import duties too...

(and pass on warranty support)
What is the name of that virtual direct import site ? Cattylink or something like that. It will give you low prices on Chinese gear but is being sold completely as a legit import. I would look at sites like that before buying off the streets of China, but I have heard the prices are incredibly low in China so its tempting just don't expect to find the biggest brands selling on the street e.g. ASL has a special tax export only arrangement deal with the Gov't or so I heard.
Listen save yourself a lot of heart aches and misery, buy from Audiogon and really save.
As others have pointed out, Usher is Taiwanese, so your friend may not have an opportunity to order it at a good price or even at all.

However, for discussion's sake, I have had items (not just audio) shipped from abroad and realize the difficult choice between warranty and savings. For myself I arrived at two rules:

(1) I would not do it for a model I can afford locally just to save a few dollars. However, I will do it for items unavailable locally OR if shopping overseas allows me to buy a higher model that I simply could not have considered at local prices.

(2) Include adequate insurance in cost calculations. As I'd not have the warranty later, at least insure it against arriving damaged!
Thanks everyone. I will stick to Audiogon purchases and North American dealers.,

The only way you can save money buying direct from China or Taiwan is to buy in bulk and ship it sea. Fedex and UPS are too expensive. It's not worth it not to mention other costs such as tax, duties, damgages, warranty...

Do you have an Usher dealer in your area? If not tell me the model and budget and I will let you know what I can do.