cheap tube integrated for 4 ohm speakers

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here and I am looking for a good tube integrated to power some 4 ohm 89db monitor type speakers(DIY). The market seems to be flooded with possibilities right now(mostly out of China) for my price bracket(under 1K).
I am wondering if any of these are going to have the cajones to drive these speakers with authority. I don't listen loud but I don't like it to sound like my amp is on it's last watt! I listen to a wide variety of music; indie, electronica, jazz, classical, etc. I would also love to have a remote control but I am thinking that might be a little pie in the sky at this price level.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
You might want to contact the seller of an Aronov LS 960I which is listed for $1200.
Since this powerful integrated tube amp is less well known, you might be able to negotiate the price down to right at the top of your price range.
Although the seller states some treble roll off ("as a lot of tube amps are") this is not the prevailing opinion of other owners such as myself.
This amp will make your speakers speak with authority and natural sound.
Truly impressive bass control and extension on a variety of speakers with which I have paired it, minus any bloat.
You didn't state your speaker choice.
that's a real tough load for most tube amps. if you really want some tube sound get a tube pre and use a solid state amp.
A hybrid (jolida) may be what you need. 4ohms is fine with most tube amps, its the 89db driven with authority that's not so good. You really should look at 100wpc or greater amps.
Thanks for the responses...

I'm thinking an integrated with PP KT88's/6550's on each side. I think 50 watts or so would get me where I need to be. It seems that almost all of these amps have 4 ohm taps so I think they would be ok. I have owned tube amps before(Heath W5M monoblocks, DIY SET Svetlana 811's) so I know it is the sound I am looking for.

Any opinions on the Onix integrated from AV123? or how about the Shuguang integrated amp that is out(SP8 blue or something like that)?
Suggestion - Consonance Cyber 100 Sig - 50 wpc 6550 driven comes with EH 6550s , nice sounding amp, I switched over to SED6550s , seem to have a little 'authority' to me, but the EHs are good as well. Might want to check out closeout page on A'gon for Quest for Sound's add - I am not affliated other than as a customer -picked one of these up a few weeks back at a great price great deal. Stephen Monte is easy to talk to and doesn't push prodict on folks