Cheap and chearful integrated for Epos ES14

Hi all

I just picked up a pair of Epos ES14 speakers that I plan to use in a second system. Does anyone have any recommendations for inexpensive integrated amps that go well with them?

The room is small, around 12x12 ft. Low listening volumes, the source is a Squeezebox Touch.



How about a used or vintage Creek integrated? I hear they were made for each other as they have the same owner....
There is an Audio Refinement Complete for sale right now - I have no relationship to the seller. It is a killer amp for cheap. For a bit more $ have a look at a Naim Nait 3.
I'm driving my ES14s with an Exposure 2010S - talk about the best of all possible worlds! It beats out my old mid-level naim system and comes very close to my experiences with a Spectral/Audio Physic system I used to run wayyy back. No joke. Stunning.
The Audio Refinement is a great recommendation, however..... I think these deserve better and a vintage Luxman integrated would voice better. An L-450 or better would make these sing. They like the solid and full bass control of the Luxman.
The first thing that crossed my mind was the Audio Refinement also. I don't know the Luxman mentioned, but the pieces of old that I call "vintage" that I've listened to do not better the Audio Refinement... This is a great value under $400
Thanks everybody for the ideas. I forgot Creek owns Epos, seems like a natural fit. Would a 5350 be a good match?

I was originally thinking a Naim Nait 2/3 but they barely qualify as budget anymore. What about an old Linn Majik?

I'll look into the Audio Refinement. Seems hard to go wrong for the price.
Ditto on the Creek...somehow these little amps, even the older ones (get one with a remote), always sound right.