Hi all ! I am setting up a small system for my gf. Probably a pair of Tekton M-Lores and a smaller integrated tube amp or tube power amp . Need some ideas on a 5 disc cd changer ( I know , but she wants a changer ) with remote volume control . $300 budget...thx all , brad
Get the newest used Harman Kardon changer you can find. Their website sells factory reconditioned units. She'll love it.
The way to go is a refurb sony 595, often available on SonyStyle for $60. What have you got to lose? Just money as the sound equals $1K rigs. It does SACD too.
It sounds like you are searching for variable outputs, if I read your post right. The only recent changers I know of that have this are some of the Sony ES units, the 333, 555, maybe even the 222.
I had a college roommate who had a Sony ES changer with variable output, we're still friends and he still has it in his main system! That should speak to build quality, we graduated in '96...
OK I misspoke, the C222ES, C333ES, and C555ES do not have variable outputs, per the manuals on the Sony site. I did a not-so-quick search and found that the CDP-C87ES and CDP-CA9ES units do have variable outputs. I'd stick with an ES unit if you buy a Sony. There is a CA9 on sale on this site RIGHT NOW:
but there is a sale pending...
if you want to save some dough, the denon dcm380 has a (remote accessible) variable out and actually sounds very good. not exactly a paragon of build quality, but you can find 'em real cheap on ebay. the older sony c70es (in addition to the models cited by remo) also does the trick and is also available for less than a hundo.
I whole heartedly agree with a Harman Kardon changer. Mine from 1995 sounds profound (I was US service for dCS and Nagra and never felt my lowly HK was embarrassed in any way!) Plus it decodes HDCD, which none of the Ultra HiFi units did.

I have the FL-8380, and I will never part with it even though it was unreliable for a time in that it would go logic-wonky and just rotate the carousel endlessly at power on. (later attributed to both humidity and poor soldering of the Servo chip which I repaired). Even considering that, I cannot part with it due to it sounding so good. Fluid and analog-like.
Hi all ! Thanks for the responses . Think I will look for a new H.K or Sony on ebay . I am getting her (really me ,lol ) a pair of Tekton M - Lores and a small 30 wpc amp .
If she has an iPod or any other i-device, have you/she considered the HRT iStreamer?

I've got one scheduled for delivery tomorrow.