Center speaker placement

Unfortunately I have a media niche at the front of the room that is off center. The room is 16 feet wide, but instead of my center speaker at the middle 8 feet from the sides, I will have to place it at a spot 5.5 feet from one side.
Question: Do I place the center channel over the TV? or do I place it in the center of the room. The difference is definitely noticeable visually, but from a sound perspective, will it make that much of a difference?
Thanks in advance!
Well, the picture will be 5.5 feet from where the people are talking.

Place it close to the TV, or use a "phantom" mode on the preamp and not use a center channel.

Marty's recommendations make sense, because you'll find not having the voices located with the TV image to be really odd.
My vote , Over the TV and compensate with the channel level controls on your pre or receiver. To a degree I have to do the same with my front right speaker.
I suggest that you place the center channel over the TV and use it for video/cinema sources. If it's quite off center, switch to phantom-center for music.
I had mine over the TV and it sounded like it was way up, then I placed it under the TV, and now the sound cames from the TV, much better...
In line with the TV. You will probably have bad results if it's on the resonant cabinet of the TV and in-line with the large front surface.

On a floor stand a few feet in front works well. Suspended above the screen works well too. Height differences are less noticeable when they're above ear level, although larger screens leave too little space near the ceiling.
In line with the TV is the way to go. Otherwise the voices will sound like they are coming from the ceiling, or floor. One center speaker on line will not work either unless you don't mind the speaker in front of the screen.
The answer is to have two center channel speakers on both sides of the TV.