Center Channel Placement Issue. Need Help

I am looking at purchasing an HDTV ready rear projection set. However the top where the center channel would rest is only 5 in. deep. My center channel a Mirage OM-C2 is (24w X 12d ) thus 7 inches would be hanging off the edge (not very stable). I cannot place the speaker below and also cannot wall mount above display unit(windows with shutters directly behind). Are there any accessories that have a plate that lays on top of display and extends toward back with cushioned legs that would balance on the sloping portion of display ? I recall seeing something like this a couple years ago. What are some ways to resolve this issue ? The OM-C2 is one big center channel. Thanks for your responses.
You can put the speaker on top of the TV and measure the distance from the bottom of the speaker to the top of the sloping cabinet. Then go to a sheetmetal shop and have a shelf made that is L shaped. It should be the width and depth of the speaker with a bend pointing down to rest on the TV cabinet. You can spray it black to match the TV and take some rubber feet and slice them slightly and put them on the edge of the metal where it rests on the slope.
I have a Meadowlark Petral (large speaker) on top of a Sony t.v. It hangs over several inches. I have used a combination of velcro and Blu Tack between the speaker and top of the t.v. It holds very well.
I also use 2 kinds of rubber doorstops between the overhang and the sloping part of t.v. The wedge doorstops usually used to keep doors open, I have in 3 spots under speaker, bottom side up. These rest on top of 3 half round soft stops, usually used on walls to protect from doorknobs. They have sticky paper on bottom (t.v. side) to hold them on place. These are readily available at any home improvement store.
It sounds wierd but, works very well and is very stable.
Good Luck.
I also have a big ole honkin' center on top of my Toshiba HDTV and I just put two pieces of folded cardboard under to give it some "shelf" that you talked about to distribute the weight. I don't have any kids to worry about, but do have a cat and he's never looked sideways at it, so here's to hoping he never will.

You got it worked out, now it's time to McGiver !