Center Channel for Thiel CS 3.5 Stereo System

I would like to find a good center channel to pair with my Thiel CS 3.5's. If anyone has a good inexpensive subwoofer suggestion as well it would be appreciated.
How about a Thiel PCS for a center and a SmartSub? You will likely have better success with integration if you stick with the same family.
SCS4 should be a good match. I use it with 1.6's and it works well. SCS3 is probably cheaper these days, but i think the SCS4 is clearer for voices. PCS is great, but it is very large. All of these are somewhat hard to find used. SCS4 is current model, I believe.
Great suggestions, I will have to wait and find one used! Thank you!
Go for the best that Thiel offered, A used MCS1 should be around $1k.
The best center would be Thiel MCS1. A very inexpensive subwoofer that works really well with Thiel is Epik Legend (I have a pair of those with my 2.4's, but I only use them in HT, never for stereo)
Sorry, I meant to say MCS1, not PCS. The MCS1 is great, but big.
Thiel MCS or SCS.