Center channel for Maggies 20.1

I have monster maggies for my fronts. I need a super center channel my local guru is recommending Acoustic Zen or Revel Ultima voice or JM Lab Eleckra Be

I was holding out for Magnepan to produce a top of the line cneter channel but I think someone out there with a home theater might have an answer.
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The best center I ever heard for a 20.1 setup was a pair of 20.1s arranged in a VEE with their treble edges together and aimed at the listener. I would guess that a similar arrangement with a pair of other, smaller Maggies would be a better match than any of the speakers your local guru mentioned.

You need to talk with your Maggie dealer, they had the top of the line center channel at THE SHOW in January. Jim Winey said they would be shipping soon. It is pretty big.
Thanks I called Magnepan this AM but I have been bugging them about this for months now and I hope it will let loose of the technology before I die
Why not another MG 20.2. I have three MG1.6 bought new, so I don't see why they shouldn't sell you one. I did have to swear on a stack of bibles that I would not use it horizontally.
I had the $300 budget Magnepan center for HT a few years ago paired with Innersound Eros Electrostats and it was plenty good for me at the time, it rolls off at 100hz but it never sounded bad with anything I threw at it, something tells me you will never even try such a cheap option but beleive it or not it works very well. While I am not a super snob about HT as my focus is on 2 channel I am not a easy person to please either so take it for what its worth, its so stupid cheap you should just try it IMO.
Thanks that's great advice I did hear their mid level center channel when I bought the 20.1s and it sounded great but that was 5 months ago.