Center channel for Maggies 20.1

I have monster maggies for my fronts. I need a super center channel my local guru is recommending Acoustic Zen or Revel Ultima voice or JM Lab Eleckra Be

I was holding out for Magnepan to produce a top of the line cneter channel but I think someone out there with a home theater might have an answer.
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I had the $300 budget Magnepan center for HT a few years ago paired with Innersound Eros Electrostats and it was plenty good for me at the time, it rolls off at 100hz but it never sounded bad with anything I threw at it, something tells me you will never even try such a cheap option but beleive it or not it works very well. While I am not a super snob about HT as my focus is on 2 channel I am not a easy person to please either so take it for what its worth, its so stupid cheap you should just try it IMO.