Center channel?

My HT setup is comprised of an Oppo 105D and Sony XA5400ES as sources, a Cary Cinema 12 prepro, Parasound JC 1 mono blocks for LCR, a pair of KEF Reference 107/2s and a KEF R600C. I set up the center channel because the Sony sends DSD to the Cary, and its center channel is not distributed to the LR channels. The Oppo can be set to output LPCM, so the Cary can distribute its center channel to LR. I await delivery of a Bryston SP3 to replace the Cary; the SP3 will accept only LPCM from the Sony. Finally, the KEF 107/2s image very well, so a center channel is not needed for dialog. The issue is mch music via HDMI from the Sony.

Assuming the SP3 receiving LPCM from the Sony can distribute the center channel to the LR channels, is there any reason not to take down the center channel to eliminate clutter between the LR speakers and facilitate stereo? I suppose I could sell the JC 1 and R600C now used for that channel. (I use an Ayre C-5xeMP and JC 2 BP for stereo.)

A real center speaker reproducing a discrete center signal is superior. It is that simple.
Thanks, Kr4 (Kal). I'll take your advice and keep the center channel intact. Dip at KEF recommended the R600C for use with the 107/2s. I was skeptical, but it seems to be a good choice. There was a noticeable mismatch with the old KEF 200C, but the sound stage is seamless with the R600C. I suspect KEF has done a lot of development of the Uni-Q. The Uni-Q of the R600C looks similar to that of my LS50s.

Am i getting the full audio from a Bluray movie if i hook up
1) the Oppo 83 analog outputs LF and RF to the analog stereo inputs on my 2-ch preamp/DAC...and
2) the C center channel output to a powered speaker centrally located?

or would I be missing needed sounds to get meaningful film audio ( i don't care about SR, SL and subwoofer)

You should check the Oppo specifications for output voltage and impedance to assure they're suitable for your powered speaker; if the impedance ratio and voltage levels are appropriate, it should work.

Some would argue that a meaningful film experience requires SR, SL, and SW, but it really depends on the film.


I've been so impressed with the KEF LS50s in our living room, I've decided to use LS50s for LCR in the media room, with KEF R100s for side and rear surrounds -- square edges better for wall mounts.  In the living room, the LS50s are crossed at 80 Hz to a pair of Velodyne HGS-10s with an SMS-1 bass manager; in the media room it's HGS-15s and SMS-1.