Ceiling Height Dilemma - Leaving 9' and Moving to 8'

I've enjoyed 9' ceilings since I bought my current place almost 23 years ago, but it looks like I'm moving on soon, likely to 8' ceilings.  Any views on what this will mean for sonics? 
It depends on the other dimensions of the room, the dispersion pattern and placement of your loudspeakers.  Too many factors to make a blanket statement one way or the other.
Should have given more info.  Aerial 10T's.

Current: 13' wide x 17' long x 9' ceilings, wide arched opening rear wall

Future: 13' wide x 24' long x 8' ceilings, wide arched opening front left (adjacent to left speaker)

Music: jazz, blues, acoustic guitar solos/duets/trios, sometimes near club volume
Differences will have more to do with windows, window locations, size of doorway openings, furnishings and their locations with respect to speakers, floor coverings, and anything else you can think of, than it will have to do with ceiling height, assuming those speakers.
Wait until you move your gear. There are plenty of good sounding systems in 8 foot tall rooms. I would not worry. 
I agree it depends on the rest of the room layout. I have an incredibly good acoustic space... the best I have ever heard an it has 8’ ceilings... actually pinched to 7’ in one area. FYI. It is a big open plan, highly irregular area.
Thanks all.  Where else could we get user feedback on specifics like this?  Nowhere.