CEC Transport Upgrades?

Is anyone aware of any "Modification Houses" or upgrade sources for CEC Transports? In particular, the Model TLO Transport.

If so, does anyone have any personal experiences?

Thanks in advance.
I don't know about the TL-0, but here's one for the TL-1X:


Maybe they can help you with the TL-0.
Thanks for your help Ncarv. I'll give them a call.
Empirical Audio also does CEC Transport mods, including Superclock.
RAM modded my CEC TL-1X and the results were DRAMATIC! I am generally skeptical of mods but this tightened up the bass, lifted the highs while maintaining the CEC's sweetness and altogether added to a more natural presentation. Highly recommended and worth every penny. Also, make sure to use a top flight digicable and PC. Hope this helps.

Thanks gentlemen!

I have not heard of Empirical. Any contact info?