CDP for Plinius/Totem Combo

Hi. I'm currently looking to upgrade my CDP. Listen to vocal/jazz/easy listening mostly. Room is 12x13 ft.

Arcam Alpha 7SE
Plinius 9200
Totem Forests

Price range $2-3K for the CDP (used or brand new). Thanks.
Using a Bryston BCD-1 input to 9200 feeding Tyler monitors. Excellent resolving, neutral sound with soundstaging and instrument timbres galore. I was unsure at first due to several critiques as to 'cold' sound from the Bryston, but after an involving demo and what is now about 2 months of serious use it was/is one of the best purchases I've made in my system. I listen to alot of solo piano and small combo works; incredible! I'd add that the midrange is stunning with vocals; this attributed in part to Tyler's drivers.

Thanks for the input. I am quite interested in the Bryston CDP actually. Are you using the balanced outs by the way? Any significant difference with the single ended outputs?
Alas, purchased my 9200 before the balanced input feature, so limited to unbalanced.

With that purchase, new Tyler monitors, replacing my LP12 . . . . no near future upgrading of electronics! At some point it would be nice to hear the balanced output in a similar quality amp, but I'm very content now to let things be for what I suspect will be quite a while.
I found Audio Aero to be a nice match with my 9100 and Model 1's. I used the Prima and Capitol (still have the Capitol). In today's used market, you could try a Capitol player in the low $3K range. The Prima is also a nice match which you could try used for significantly less or new for right in your price range.
Any comments on the Plinius CD 101? I've seen the reviews and they seem to be pretty positive.
I own a similar set up; Plinius sa100, Totem model ones (also have tried arrows and forests on the same electronics) And this is what I recommend..

Meridian G08 Detailed
Musical Fidelity A5.5 Warm and Full (tube output)
Bel Canto CD2 Neutral (touch of smoothness)
Audio Research CD3 MK2 Warmish
Cary 300/303 Warm

I have also heard that Sim Audio makes excellent CD Players that are synergistic with our components.

It also is a point where you can decide where you want to alter your sound. Maybe you would prefer your sound to be warmer? Smoother? or maybe it's lacking some detail and robustness? Or Maybe you like the tonal balance right now so you would want a fairly neutral CDP (Bel Canto).

Just my 2 cents

I am using a Bel Canto DAC3 right now and really love the musicality it brings to the table for 2500.


Anyone have any opinions about the Plinius CD or Naim players (CD5x or higher)? Thanks.