CD Player with a Front Row Presentation?

I'm looking for a CD player with a presentation that puts me in the front row. I'm not crazy about a laid-back, mid hall sound. I like the music to jump right out at me. Price is not the most important factor, I'm more concerned with the sound. Any suggestions?
My Copland CDA 289 is pretty upfront and dynamic. It has a crisp, articulate, extended treble, deep bass, and a clear midrange. It is not aggressive but it is lively. You can occasionally find them used in the $1300 range. Happy listening!
I used to own a Cal Audio CL-15 CD player / processor.

I seem to recall that it has a rather immediate sound.
If you don't want laid back and you want the sound thrown at you- so to speak- and money is not a concern, get a pair of wilson watt/puppies, they give you 'in the front row if you like it or not sort of sound' which many people don't care for when casually listening. I think it would be easier to use other components to make the sort of improvement your looking for instead of a cdp, what is the associated gear? have you tried cable tweaks?? Happy listening ~Tim
It will be easier to get what you want with the choice of an amplifier, cables, and speakers, more than a CD player. Nordost cables tend to be forward, especially the Blue Heaven and SPM.
If you want an up front, in your face presentation, get a cheap DVD/CD player. Most mid-fi and low-fi have that kind of presentation. Or better get a krell KPS-30i, it has the sound you prefer but open high, sweet mid, dynamic and punchy bass.

Hello Tireguy, which version of the Wilson Watt/puppies are you talking about ? Because I own version 5.1 and the sound ain't so as you describe.
I have heard several set's of them at various shows(model numbers slip my mind- one tends to see a lot in a day and its hard to remember all the details) it is just the way I felt they sounded(among others that I know and trust) it isn't a bad thing just not as laid back as some speakers. Though I am sure there are ways to tweek them and get them set-up more optimally, I don't even remember associated equipment! From what I am told the newer models(not sure were the 5.1 fits in the time line) don't sound like the older models- that being said I haven't listened to them in a few years. ~Tim
Sugarbrie and Tireguy are right on target: Many factors have more influence on "up front" sound than the CD player. Surely the most important factor is the miking and mixing techniques. Choose recordings accordingly. Next would be the speakers, then the amp/preamp. The player, itself, would probably fall in line behind interconnects and cables, too.

I agree with Sugarbrie but more specifically your choice of Interconect cable, power cord --if that is a consideration to you and speaker wire can be choosen to provide that kind of perspective. A CDP NOT to overlook is the beautifully built and sounding Classe CDP.3. And very reasonably priced at approximately $1,800.00 US$. This player is a dandy!

Good luck.

peter jasz
Highly Recommend the Electrocompaniet ECM1.
I've owned 1 for about 1 year - about to upgrage the DAC to MKII status. This player is World class in sound and Build
Quality. Great reviews and, I think, the Best for the money.
Should be able to pick 1 up on Audiogon for about $2200.00.
Best investment you'll ever make for your system. Enjoy and Good Luck!
The Meridian 508.24 is a very up-front CDP. When I switched from an Audio Research CD2 to the 508.24, it sounded like I was moved from the mid-hall to the front row. The 508.24 does a wonderful job of separating each instument from each other with a very quiet background and provides exquisite detail and coherence.