Cd player or Dac with 'analog' volume control

I would like to know the list of cd players or dacs with analog volume control or
preamp (tube or SS) such as Resolution Audio, Ear Acute,Theta Gen VIII,Audio Aero, and what else?
Thanks in advance
All models have an analog volume control. The latest "preamp" model also has an analog input.
My post above refers to the Benchmark DAC-1. (The words saying that in the subject title did not appear for some reason)
Well dac you have msb power dac, msb platinum dac III, wadia 521, wadia 27ix, bel canto dac III, theta gen VIII and benchmark dac-1 all are great you can bypass your pre amp and go straight to the amp. I have the msb platinum dac and the wadia 521. I dont think you can go wrong with any of them.
Meridian has, in my experience, a fantastic volume control implementation in its 808.2i player.
Bel Canto Dac 3 utilises a digital volume control.
Wadia and Bel Canto use digital volume circuit not analog preamp section or volume control