CD Matts that improve sound?

Any members found CD matt that improves sound without causing any problems? (sticking in CDP etc) I have tried many in the past and none seem to really improve things,
best I have found so far is Marigo Orpheus Crossbow Matt
which does seem to make slight improvement.

I also periodically spray bottom of Crossbow matt with anti static spray to improve effectiveness.

I was curious about Music Direct SID matt they promote heavily, anyone try this and how did it work?
Megasam I have the SID.
I have to say I'm not convinced-apparently it will improve DVD pictures too.
I tried that and couldn't see any difference.
Since my eyesight is better than my hearing abilities that was probably enough for me.
And yes I never really heard any difference on audio using the SID in my system (at any stage of it's development).
If someone was to say this and the Statmat which I also tried made very subtle differences then I wouldn't argue too much.
I really do think I can get very confused if the differences are not "obvious".
Buy a couple of CD's instead.
I have the Aurex. It smoothens and relaxes musical presentation but it is only practical for top loading transports.
My cdi statmat has been a good investment; would recommend a listen, at the very least.
The cheapest one is by Herbies audio. costs 17 dollars. I will be getting one for fun.It is available in suitable thickness for DVD and CD players( thin - drawer loading mechanism)