Cayin 9084d owners - Help!

Hello all. I have just ‘dipped my toe’ for the first time in Single Ended Triode territory & bought a used pair of Cayin 9084d monoblocks. First things first, my 9084ds did not come with a user manual so  I am appealing to any 9084d users out there who may be able to help? I just want to check the procedure on how to adjust the bias for the 845 & 300B tubes. Any help will be much appreciated

For those interested in my journey into tubes, I have been a solid state user (Krell then Pass XA100.5) but a stint with a Cayin A88T persuaded me to delve deeper into tubes. My speakers are Von Schweikert VR-33s (90db efficiency) so I decided to go for these 9084d monblocks which with 300B & 845 power tubes provides 28 SET watts, which should be adequate for my speakers (my Cayin A88T on Triode mode with its 28watts drove my VR-33 fine). If anyone is interested in my journey into SET territory, I can update later as I get the 9084ds set up and running.

Most Cayin have Bias Test Points & Adjustment pots on the top plate.I believe yours uses the meter for adjustment,simply turn the screw until the meter is in the sweet spot.Is you model the Mk.I or Mk.II version?