Cat SL1 Preamp

Does anyone know the bulb number for the CAT Preamp power switch. I had the number written down but I can't seem to find it.
It most likely was the Honeywell AML91LA73. It is expensive at about $6.50 each and it doesn't last any longer than any other 73 bulb. The reason it's expensive is because the base is tinned for soldering.

I purchased a 10-pack of bulbs from Amazon for less than the cost of one Honeywell bulb about a year and a half ago and I'm on my second bulb. Just search "73 bulb" on Amazon and make sure it's a 14-volt T1-3/4 clear incandescent. It works just fine.
Last time I purchased them it was from Allied Electronics. I just ordered 5 bulbs from them for 3.88 each. the more you buy the cheaper they are per bulb but the shipping is UPS so it's not cheap. they are back ordered though, which was not the case last time a few years ago, so I don't know how long it will take. They are Honeywell. In the meantime I ordered 2 from Amazon, also Honeywell. I guess these bulbs are not in high demand anymore. Thanks again.
Check out Mouser or Digikey. I just ordered a CM73 replacement of the power supply light. I ordered several at a cost of .60 each......issue is shipping at 7.99. Bulbs came to about 1.40 each after shipping through Mouser.....service is great. This is where Cat gets the bulbs FYI.

Thanks for all the good info. I used to receive the Mouser catalog years ago. I used to buy electronic parts from them to repair equipment but I hadn't bought anything from there for a number of years, so they stopped sending me the catalogue. I didn't think about them for the bulb. I will check out both sites tonight and order the bulbs. amazon only had the Honeywell bulbs for 19.32 each. Expensive!
Ordered from Digi Key 5.43 for 10 bulbs + Shipping. You saved me a lot of money. Thanks