Cary SLP-98 price new?

Hay every one I have currently been dealing for a new preamp for my system upgrade. I have a CARY CAD 120s power amp and a a cary cd player. I have just recently made an offer price on a new demo model cary slp-98p with mm phono stage. The price total is $4000 all in since I have been dealing with the dealer for number of years.

So wondering is this a good price for a new one that has only used as a demo model full with warranty?

And what kind of phono cartridge should a guy get to get the best out of this preamp. In the $700-$870 range?
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If your dealer is an authorized Cary dealer and the pre does not have any cosmetic issues, buying a demo vs new does not present any disadvantages. The only thing that I would caution, is that the tubes may need replacing depending on use, but you will want to replace them with better tubes in the near future anyways. Dealer support, and the ability to audition, is worth a premium in my eyes, especially considering that you already have a good relationship.

Great preamp!
Keep searching. 4K was the new price. I bought a new one for 3300.00 a few years ago. I have the CAD 120's and the pre is a perfect match for it. Stock tubes work fine in it. It will work with MC carts if the output is 1.4mV or higher. Good luck.
The retail pricing of the Cary SLP-98P has gone up to $5,994 as per the 2014 Cary retail pricing sheet.–%20Копие.pdf
Polk432 I am wondering did you buy yours in the States or Canada and what year?

I live in Canada and thinking of it now the price I payed was 3800 Canadian dollars though with tax is $4000 all in. I did look at upscale audio for one but they jumped up the price to 4,750.00 plus with shipping and insurance and border tax makes it another $1000+ on top of that, plus exchange rate.

There is no dings in or scuffs on it, it's in mint shape. I did by some interconnects before I bought the preamp to match other set Kimber silver streaks with WBT ends on them. I needed a 1.5meter pair to reach my mono stand to my amp for the time being. So should get the best performance from the preamp from get go.

Also Brf and Polk432, what kind of tubes would you recommend a guy should get, gold lions?

And would the high output moving coil coil cartridge dynavector 20xH be too bright for the slp-98? It has an output of 2.8mv?
Jake, I got mine here in Fl, about 5 years ago. I'm using Genelax Gold Lion KT88's in the amp and they work just fine for me. The cart I use is a Linn Adikt 6.5mv on a Black Linn Ittock LVII. Stay away from the DV 10x5 poorly constructed. The 20xH may cost double but it'll last more than twice as long. I've used several types of Klipsch, Linn's, Cat's, Lipinski L707's, and currently have a pair of 9.9 out of 10 Wilson Witt series II that sound fantastic. I also had a Cary V12R but the 120 is nicer and runs much cooler. Good luck.
Wow! Talk about the dollar weakening! When Stereophile put out their review of the SLP-98P 10 years ago, the list price for a 98P was $3500. That's over a 70% increase in 10 years!

Nice preamp, though at $6K it will be facing some stiffer competition. Unless everyone else is also raising their prices.
Polk432 that's funny my dads looking at a used Cary V12R right now, since his old luxman integrated amp finally quite on him. Then after looking at my cad120s and not having the funds for one he wants to go tube triode class A amp. Though he needs 50watts at least to fill his living room and kitchen. Which his luxman was. And can probably get a local used v12 for $2000.

Did you find any major problems with the v12 by chance?
Or is it a great amp to keep?
Jake, the V12R is a great amp, but more of a pain to bias It needs to be in a big room or the temp will rise by seveal degrees. Mine ran hot enough to cook a hamburger. Sound is good with the SLP98P I jut prefer the CAD120. It does have richer bass. Maybe the preamps have gone up in price due to being upgraded to an F1. Check the prices @ Upscale audio.
My SLP98P is an F1, with custom paint and upgraded MC phono stage. I bought it from Kevin about 15 months ago. It's a great preamp, but I'm not real sure about the phono stage. I mean it is nice, but not great, IMHO. I have downsized quite a bit in the last few years, and overall I am pretty happy with the sound of my rig, but I think the built in phono stage may be my weak link right now.

One of these days I want to get around to trying a nice separate phono stage, like a Herron VTPH-1 MC plus, to see if I can do better. I'm very happy with the line stage though.

FWIW, I have my SLP98P paired with a VAC PA 35/35, a 35 wpc triode EL34 tube amp.
I believe the price sheet shown above may be a Canadian or foreign price sheet??

In the US, the SLP98L is $4495 and the SLP98P is $4995.

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