Cary SLP-50+CAD-50mkII's better than an SLI-80 ?


Those who have experience with Cary Audio products, please comment.

I have a customer who is thinking on switching from the SLI-80 integrated to an SLP-50B pre and a pair of CAD-50mkII mono amps. Knowing how decent the SLI-80 integrated is all on it's own, I felt this was a "sideways" if not even a little "backwards" move, would you agree?.... Rather, I might simply feel it is not enough of a forward move sonically to make it all worth-while...
Hi. I've only heard 1 SLI-80 and it really is a fine piece of equipment. I personally own an SLP-50B pre-amp and am very pleased with the performance, however, I have had the caps upgraded by Cary. I've never heard the CAD-50 mono's before so I really don't know anything about them. I this person is wanting to upgrade for the sole perpose of sound quality, tell him to start by upgrading his cables, including power cables. If this person already has top-notch cables about the only thing the upgrade you are talking about will do is make his system image better and have better soundstage. I believe that I would start with cables and go from there. For interconnects, I HIGHLY recommend the Straightwire Crescendos. Please feel free to e-mail me if I can be of any further assistance.
I would personally take the SlP50-B and the Cad 50'sMk 2 over the Sli-80 because monos and a good preamp will beat out the integrated usually. You get better seperation and control with seperates and generally much better sound. Thats All Folks!! Steve