Cary SLP-05 in combination with Theta Citadels

I currently have a Cary 306 SACD and a pair of Theta Citadel monos (400 watt) in a dedicated 2ch setup. Speakers are Aerial 20T. All cabling from WireWorld. I mainly listen to pop and jazz music.

I wonder if the new Cary SLP-05 tube preamp will be a good match in this setup. All advice will be very much appreciated.
I just heard the SLP- 05 briefly, after hearing an ARC Ref 3. The Cary had a slightly warmer midrange, which seemed to really sound nice on vocals. The ARC, while perhaps not as warm , just threw the door further open
on the soundstage in all directions. I am now considering the ARC. I am confident that they are both so good, the choice would be system dependent. The ARC drops down 6 db in gain , from balanced to single ended , so that would be something to consider with the SLP 005. This would most likely be less of an issue with a digital only based system.
what other components were in the system you listened to?

I am running a Cary 306 SACD with a SLP-05 and a pair of Cary CAD 500MB amps, driving a pair of Martin Logan Summits. Ironically, I am currently comparing the 306 SACD to an Ayre C-5xe universal player. I feel the preamp is the most important componet as far has giving a wide berth of change in a system. I previously compared the SLP-05 to an ARC Reference 3 and as Fjn04 stated (and I agree) the Cary is a bit warmer than the Ref 3. In my system and room I didn't notice much of a change in sound stage depth or width. However, the Ref3 seemed to bring the sound stage closer, moving the vocals forward. The ARC also seemed more accurate in the very high end, but to my ears sometimes bright.

So, to your question, I think the SLP-05 would be a great match in your system. I don't know the Aerial speakers, but with your amps the SLP-05 will, my opinion only, give a warmer feel to the sound. With my Martin Logan's I need the high power of solid state amps, however, the SLP-05 seemed to take off the solid state glare. Another point with the Logan's is that they are so transparent that at times they tended to be a bit harsh. Here again, the SLP-05 smoothed things out. Its all about synergy.

As far as the 306 SACD compared to the Ayre C-5xe, its close; thus far I am liking the Ayre a bit, but the jury is still out
Thanks for your response. This sounds exciting and promising. I have already ordered the SLP05. Unfortunately, it will take some time before I can listen to my new system because I have relocated and I am now in the process of building a new listening room.
Get a Theta Gen VIII!
That's what I had earlier. I have sold my theta GenVIII and bought a SLP-05 which is just around the corner.
I have played on my Cary slp-05 / Theta Citadel combo now for more than a month. An incredible match. I actually prefer the Cary slp-05 over the Theta Generation VIII!!