Any good IC combinations?

I've tried a couple of dozen different ICs over the past year and haven't found a truly neutral one yet. What I have found is some of them sound pretty neutral when paired with another of a different model somewhere else in the chain. The weaknesses sort of cancel out. For example, in my system, I use Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature from DAC to preamp and Cardas Neutral Reference from pre to power amp. It sounds more natural than if they are both Luminous or both Cardas.

Has anyone else found a combination that works particularly well?
Knowing that it is not the ideal situation to "correct" one cable's "weakness" with another cable's strength I found that Nordost SPM is wonderfully working together with Kimber Select 1130. The Kimber is extremely neutral. The Nordost does this light touch of softness which results in a perfect sound picture - in my system , in my humble opinion.
Good luck!