Cary SLI 80 vs Cary 300SEI

Has anyone compared these two amps. Musoc is classical & jazz on vinyl (WTT&T) into Proac 1SCs. Will be replacing CL Premier 3 & Mv-52. Thanks for the input.
i have the 300se 98 production models on a pair of proac1sc`s and i love the mate.pre-amp is CATmk3,table vpimk4 with JMW arm grado needle,cd player old EAD cd1000.i think the 300sei would mate well.Good Luck on your trials.
While the SLI-80 has quite a bit more power than the 300SEI, the 300SEI, if used properly, is a cleaner amplifier that will rival the best in terms of sonic clarity. The difference in sound, of course, occurs between the more versatile push-pull circuit that splits the incoming signal into positive and negative phases and the single-ended circuit that amplifies the positive and negative phases at the same time. Although clean and full bodied, the push-pull will sound smeared compared to the single-ended amp. However, if the 300SEI is paired up with the wrong speakers in too large of a room, it will not sound good; dynamics will be severly limited and the amp will run out of steam. If you have an efficient speaker (92db) with a fairly benign impedence that does not drop below 4 (preferably 6) ohms, the 300 SEI will sing and far outclass the the SLI-80. For the money though, the SLI-80 is an outstanding value. In short, you can not go wrong with either amp. Set up properly, both will produce excellent sound. Ultimately, I prefer the 300SEI. I have compared the two extensively and have owned several Cary products, all of which have been great.