Please recommend speakers for Cary CAD-300SEI LX20

As you know, Cary CAD-300SEI LX20 is a enhanced amplifier to control bass better than general CAD-300SEI does.

But, some people prefer to general CAD-300SEI for high and midrange sounds.

I am finding any speakers for my integrated amp, CAD-300SEI LX20.

Output tube is KR 300B XLS.
Input tube is Mullad ECC32.

Please recommend any speakers for that.

My list :
1. Lowther louderspeaker system's line's
2. Rogers line's
3. Proac 1SC, tablette 50 signature
4. Fullrange line's (Vintage)
5. Harbeth line's
6. Klipsch Heresh II
I own the Rogers LS3/5A 15 ohm version which I brought with me to my dealer's showroom and paired them with the latest Cary 300 SEI. The volume had to be cranked up to between 12 and 2 o'clock but the music which emanated was so captivating! I cannot say I have heard the rest in your list but the Rogers are a good synthesis, at least to my ears. The dealer was telling me that many other Cary tube owners pair them with the Rogers. I also auditioned the more recent LS3/5A (11 ohm) version. The older Rogers have a sweeter midrange but the bass though tuneful has less impact. Just my 2 cents' worth!
Coincident or Soliloquy might be worth a look. I've heard the later model SEI (w/remote) w/Partial Eclipses & it was really good.
You got to hear the Reference 3A Veena speakers.
Its a tower version of the MM DeCapo.
The sound is much fuller and the bass is superior on the Veena's compared to the MM Decapo.
The Veena's sound very articulate on singled ended tube amps.
I have been shocked and pleasantly surprised at the experience I've had with a pair of Hyperion 938s mated with a conventional 300SEI. The system evolved without a great deal of pre-planning and really was thrown together initially just to obtain much missed tunes following a system liquidation. The synergy realized, however, has actually outperformed several prior mega-buck systems for pure listening pleasure.

My Cary has the upgraded caps, wiring, and volume attenuator from Cary and Sophia Mesh Plates. Tara Power conditioning and cables stepped up the Cary's performance to well beyond what I thought this amp was capable of. The Hyperions represent a 6 ohm load and are 90 or 91db efficient. Originally running a Sony 9000ES CDP, max output was occaisionally missed, however, a recent change to the EMM gear, with inherently higher output, has made volume a concern of the past and added an incredible level of holographic detail.

Again, it is absolutely mind boggling to me what this Cary is capable of throughout the frequency range. I can't speak to the other speakers referenced, but the Hyperion really turned out to be a sleeper with this integrated and has not short changed on bass extension.